Xiaomi Mijia Pressure Cooker [5L]

Xiaomi Mijia Pressure Cooker [5L]

  • 1.32″ OLED Touch Screen
  • 1.7x Air Pressure
  • Smart Pressure Control

About 1.7 atmospheres allow the temperature in the pot to reach about 114°C greatly reducing the heating time which helps to save time.

Convenient and worry-free

Korean safety lock structure, firm and reliable

  • Reliable structure
  • High Temperature sealing ring
  • Upper cover sensor
  • Automatic Exhaust Function
  • Misoperation function
  • Open unlock sign
  • Power failure protection
  • Multiple protection
  1. Rust and wear resistant layer
  2. Uniform heat transfer layer of alloy
  3. Highly polymerizable inner coating
  4. Water line special coating
  5. Daikin PFA powder coating
  • Curved heating plate
  • Not easily deformed

Monitor temperture changes from time to time

  • Operation panel appointment
  • APP smart appointment
  • Sunken unlock design is neat and uniform
  • Automatic electromagnetic pressure relief
  • Electric Pressure Cooker x 1
  • Rice Spoon x 1
  • Porridge Spoon x 1
  • Measuring cup x 1
  • Power cord x 1




Gross weight


Rated power


Heating method