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Zhwoop Flexible Hands-free Wet/Dry Flat Mop Set

An innovative hands-free design that powerfully cleans and magically removes excess water with no extra help on the wet or dry surface area.


Zhwoop 2-in-1 Multi-function Spray Mop Set (with Window Glass Mop)

2in1 floor and glass interchangeable mop come with a comfortable ergonomic handle which effortlessly removes dirt and debris from all types of flooring.


Xiaomi Z Water Tap Sensor

Built-in storage capacitor that prevents continuous water discharge.


Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Lock

Integrates 3D living fingerprint identification.


Xiaomi Mijia Photo Printer

Excellent printing quality and retains true photo colour.


Xiaomi Fish Tank with Integrated Plant

Recycles the water from the tank to hydrate and nourish the plant.


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